DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY always fascinated me. 

It was logical that at the age of only 27 years my twin brother and I stumbled into self-employment and courageously opened the first Computer Graphics Studio in Germany. 
Here we worked for the most renowned companies and advertising agencies, because the technology we used was unique.  Our first systems were originally developed for NASA for space fligth simulations.
The search for ever new innovations spurred us on and brought us together with wonderful people from all over the world...Designers, Engineers, Scientists and Artists. 

That has shaped me and my way of working.


The big picture in view and yet remain grounded...

With so much technology, balancing is important.
I didn't have to find it first, because the falconry has been with me for a lifetime. Here, only perseverance and inner calm leads to success.  Characteristics that are also in demand in the professional world. Define goals and pursue them unwaveringly. Take people with you and inspire... for technology but also for what we do. Reconcile work and private life for success in both WORLDS.



30 years (1987 - 2019) of experience in 3D modeling 

  • First computer graphics system from GeneralElectric in Germany
    (developed for the   NASA for space flight simulations)
  • Forerunner in realtime 3D editing 
  • First use of Autodesk 3D-Studio and Alias 3D on SGI SuperComputer 
  • First use of the Artcom 3D-System 
  • First use of WACOM Technology

Own Design Studio 

  • First computer graphics studio in Germany 
  • Design for well-known companies and brands
    e.g. ARAL, HENKEL, BAYER, 3M, PORSCHE, BOSCH, TEEKANNE, 4711, GABRIELA SABATINI parfums, TAFT, FA, ARLA, LEIFHEIT, PERSIL, GROHE (complete packaging design worldwide)
  • Beauty Retouching  for cosmetics
  • Highend Composings for technical products
  • Special Effects 
  • Illustrations for numerous scientific books
    e.g. Das rastlose Luftmeer (The restless sea of air), Prof. Dr. Heinz Haber (NASA, Scientic adviser Walt Disney Studios,  founding editor of "Bild der Wissenschaft", author and tv host) 

"Working with von Kannen remineded me of my time at Disney Studios.", Prof. Heinz Haber 


Appreciation in numerous publications :

  • novum - international magazine for communication design
    (8 pages in 4 languages)
  • PACK - the packaging magazine 
  • computer art fascnation  - yearbook of computergraphics
    "von Kannen belongs to the circle of trendsetters and insiders."
  • Readers Digest 
  • DER SPIEGEL (Cover)
  • Digitale Fotografie, published by Springer Verlag (Literature for the professional photographer)

DECOR Industry

10 years (2009-2019) employee in a managerial position at UNGRICHT GmbH + CO KG
the company world leader in industrial engraving
(Later under  SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT ׀ Surface Solutions - a Matthews International Brand)


  • Responsible division manager EBV (image processing)
  • Head of Design and Visualization
  • Technical Director ARTWORK
  • ISO 9001 process owner (EBV/ARTWORK)
  • Innovation Manager ARTWORK
  • Marketing Manager



  • 2D/3D scanning technology 
  • 3D printing technology
  • 3D Visualization + 3D Simulation
  • Design of Micro/Nano structures
  • Artificial generated structures

  • Specialist laser engraving data for embossing 
  • Specialist 2D/3D Scanning Systems


Other activities

  • System, process and workflow analysis
  • Responsible for ISO 9001 audits (EBV and ARTWORK)
  • Quality management
  • IT consulting
  • Responsible for work safety and instruction (EBV and ARTWORK)
  • Report to the management board